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Design teatime 

Green tea,  oolong tea, chai, black tea and etc...there are many tea around the world.

They might be less important than three meals every day,

but  they liven up your life

with your favorite tableware and a companion.

Design may be the same.

It's not necessary but liven up your time and space.

We would like to make time and space better by design for the people around the world.



teadesign Architects   (Chiba No.1-1501-7969)

Director:Kaoruko Oda (registered by the minister No.304578)


Kaoruko Oda Biography

1995           Graduated from Nara Women's University,

Department of Housing Design, Life and Dwelling Environment Science 

1995-2003  Worked for Kiyoshi Kawasaki + Design Institue of Landscape and Architecture


2004-2006  Graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture,

Design Research Laboratory  

2006-2009  Worked for Zaha Hadid Architects and Foster+Partners 

2010           Established teadesign


  • Design and superviision 

Architecture, interior, furniture and landscape


  • Interior consultant



  • Real estate and architectural consultant for foreigners 




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