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  • 2016.03

          " Spring!  How to redecorate your room" at Osaka gas  hu+g MUSEUM.


  • 2015.11

          "Let's make home lighting better" at Osaka gas  hu+g MUSEUM.


  • 2015.08

          "Ideal children's room" at Osaka gas  hu+g MUSEUM.


  • 2015.06

"How to make your kitchen easy to use" at Osaka gas hu+g MUSEUM.


  • 2014.02  

"How to improve houses for families with children” at Iwazono elementary school in Ashiya.


  • 2010.11 

"How to develop architectural design"  at school of business administration University of Hyogo.


  • 2010〜2011 

Essays for the web magazine "Come on!", mams and babies in Kobe and Ashiya. 


  • 2010.07    

An essay for the first issue of "La la la".


  • 2010.06    

An essay about "IKEA in London" for Snabbisblog.


  • 2010.06    

A leaflet of the Kobe Industry Promotion Foundation, a startup institution. 

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